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FROM 1945


It's a long story, but it's a beautiful story.

It began in 1945 when Pietro Neviani obtained the sales license from the Provincial Office of the Corporations of Reggio Emilia. With a Dodge, an old war truck American, begins to sell its goods (from hoes, to hammers, to cutlery, etc…) in the markets of the province from Castelnuovo Monti, to montecchio, cavriago, etc. and creates a faithful clientele that often buys with the barter system: in exchange for a pot, eggs or fruit. In ’50 Peter manages to get a place“fixed table” in Via del vescovado near Piazza San Prospero.These are the hard years of the post-war period, people need everything and the exposed goods are enriched with articles intended mainly for the female audience. There is the famous“change of cutlery”: women wear the old silverware of alpacca (family of copper-zinc-nickel alloys) and with a small addition buy the steel ones. Peter, meanwhile, discovers new locations that he reaches first by train and then by renting a bicycle, while his wife Teresa explains to women the hygiene of steel and its durability. It’s a small boom that allows them to move to the shop in Via fornaciari n.9, always in the center, where they will stay for more than 20 years expanding with nearby warehouses. Then eviction.. but they move close in Via dei due gobbi and the faithful customers follow them.Time changes and we adapt to customer requirements. The son, Giulio neviani, gives a nice impression to the shop: the department of the Murano glass, of the Tuscan ceramics of montelupo, of the British crockery, of the Czech crystals… But do not abandon the Ginori porcelain, the level crystals, the earthenware pots of the volcano, the tools that facilitate the cooking of brandani, mepra, tescoma. The principle of offering a quality product remains firm, of controlling the places of production where Giulio goes personally; in short, Peter’s work is carried out with great competence and above all a great passion. Come and visit us in our shops in Via fornaciari, Via del Carbone and Via dei Due gobbi we will welcome you with courtesy and experience and we hope that thanks to you this beautiful history will continue…

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